Joe Biden Gets Big Surprise in Scotland

Joe Biden Gets Big Surprise in Scotland

( – When visiting Scotland, you might expect to see lush green fields, hear bagpipes, and see a kilt or two, but President Joe Biden saw a bit more on his way from Edinburgh to Glasgow. On November 2, a large naked Scotsman stood in his window taking pictures of the president’s motorcade as it wound its way down a small country road on its way to the COP26 climate change conference.

When he heard the news, the BBC’s North America editor tweeted a playful, “Welcome to Scotland, Mr. President.”

The unusual greeting was a welcome comic relief from the seriousness of Biden’s visit to Glasgow, where he spent two days meeting with leaders around the world to discuss plans to combat climate issues. Although China and Russia didn’t participate, 90 governments and the United States pledged to reduce their methane emissions by 2030.

Not surprisingly, some people in Scotland saw the irony of Biden riding around with a large motorcade full of gas-powered vehicles to attend a climate change conference. Many reports commented about the hypocrisy and encouraged the president to be aware of his carbon footprint. That said, at least one large Scottish man enjoyed the show as he commemorated the moment without taking the time to change out of his birthday suit.

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