John McAfee Left Suicide Note, Report Says

John McAfee Left Suicide Note, Report Says

( – The long and sometimes extremely bizarre life of John McAfee, the founder of one of the first virus protection programs, came to an end inside a prison cell in Barcelona, Spain. He was 75 years old. Hours after a Spanish court approved his extradition to the United States on tax evasion charges, guards found McAfee hanged. An autopsy determined his death was suicide. Reports now indicate that McAfee had a suicide note his pocket when guards found him — but no details of the contents have been released.

McAfee had a penchant for the unlikely. In 2012, while living on the island of Belize, his neighbor, Gregory Faull, was found dead after the two had an altercation. Although a criminal court never proved McAfee’s involvement, a Federal District Court judge in Florida awarded Faull’s daughter a $25-million judgment in a wrongful death lawsuit.

McAfee’s death has inspired several conspiracy theories, in part because he posted on his Twitter feed on October 15, 2020, “know that if I hang myself, à la [Jeffrey] Epstein, it will be no fault of mine.” He wore a tattoo on his arm “$WHACKD” because he believed American officials wanted him dead.

Reportedly, a large Q appeared on his Instagram feed shortly after the reported time of his death, apparently as a reference to the infamous group, QAnon. His wife has asked for a second independent autopsy.

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