Jordan Peterson Endorses Candidate In Small Mayoral Race

( – Jordan B. Peterson has recently endorsed Anthony Furey to be mayor of Toronto, according to the Toronto Sun. Peterson gave his “unqualified support” of the candidate to his 4 million followers on Twitter and suggested that they get involved in the campaign by volunteering. 

“Let’s take the city (and then the country) out of the hands of the woke mob and get the joint jumping,” the clinical psychologist wrote. The endorsement was met with mixed reviews. Some people lunged at the call to action and followed Furey but others expressed dismay and disillusionment, saying that it is not likely for anyone but the socialist Olivia Chow to win. 

Furey was a columnist at the Toronto Sun for many years before launching his campaign. Despite his weak polling numbers, he is gaining some traction in the race. His website boasts his 15 years of experience in politics and civic affairs. He claims that his focus will be on making the streets safer and improving economic growth. 

Furey has criticized Chow on her plan to tear down Gardiner expressway, which he says is disguised as implementing a new bus route. He says that her plan will create more congestion, not mitigate it. 

“We need to minimize the disruptions, not create more. It’s time to once again respect Toronto drivers, and respect the suburbs,” he said.  

He also disagrees with placing new bike lanes on busy streets, citing safety concerns. While he claims that he often rides his bike, he acknowledged that they are not the only people on the road and called out bike advocates that “don’t care if they ruin small businesses or block ambulances.” 

As is often the case with politics, the loudest are heard, but Furey says that fringe activists do not represent most residents in Toronto.

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