Josh Hawley Demands Investigation Into Sick Acts Targeting Children

( – Jamie Reed, a self-described “queer woman” and former case manager at the clinic, released an exposé the same day that sparked Sen. Josh Hawley’s (R-Mo.) inquiry into the Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. 

Since receiving Reed’s sworn declaration two weeks ago, Missouri attorney general Andrew Bailey has already started a multi-agency inquiry, Bailey’s office said publicly on Thursday.

According to frightening reports, hundreds of children have allegedly been harmed annually by staff members at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s Transgender Center, including by being given experimental medicines, Bailey claimed. 

“We take this evidence seriously and are looking into it carefully to make sure that children are not damaged by those who may be more concerned with a radical social agenda than children’s health,” the statement reads.

Hawley responded to the explosive whistleblower report on the center’s “morally and medically appalling” practices on Thursday by announcing the launch of an official investigation into “egregious abuses and potential malpractice regarding minors” at the Missouri transgender medical center.

The Senator described the center’s hurry to provide “permanent” and “harming” hormone therapy to youngsters, “lack of written guidelines,” and “morally and medically terrible” conduct toward children. These were among the issues raised by Reed during her four years there, according to her account.

Republicans have previously introduced a measure in Missouri’s state senate to safeguard minors from gender transition operations. Republicans are united on this subject, according to state Senate president pro tempore Caleb Rowden, even though the measure is still in committee.

We’re going to do something about it, Rowden stated. The notion that kids shouldn’t have gender reassignment surgery before the age of 18 is one that our caucus strongly supports.

By the time Reed left the St. Louis facility, she was convinced that the way the American healthcare system treated these patients directly opposed the commitment to “do no harm.” Instead, the vulnerable people in our care are irreparably harmed.

The state’s Department of Social Services and Division of Professional Registration will support the probe, which regulates medical licenses.

Reed’s claims have “alarmed” Washington University, which said they are “taking the situation extremely seriously.”

“We’ve already started the process of investigating the circumstance to get the truth. As usual, the health and well-being of our patients come first,” read Thursday’s statement from the university.

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