Judge Brings Joe Biden’s Plan to Screeching Halt

Judge Brings Joe Biden's Plan to Screeching Halt

(HorizonPost.com) – President Joe Biden stated that all hospitals that receive Medicaid or Medicare funding must require COVID-19 vaccinations for all employees to stop the virus’ spread. Following the order, 10 states sued his administration, saying the federal government was overreaching into state affairs. On November 29, US District Judge Matthew Schelp of Missouri agreed and instituted a temporary block against the mandate.

His 32-page order stated that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) did not get the proper authorization from Congress to require vaccinations.

The injunction impacts Missouri, Alaska, Iowa, Arkansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Kansas, and South Dakota. These states allege the mandate violated the Constitution and would impact 2.4 million people if the courts allow it to stand. Until their respective cases reach a conclusion about the mandate, Judge Schelp’s order stops the administration from enforcing the rule.

The judge’s primary concern is setting a precedent for the federal government to “dictate the private medical decisions” of Americans.

If the states lose their argument in court, healthcare workers in the affected hospitals will have to either vaccinate or lose their jobs. There’s no option in the order for regular testing.

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