Judge Orders New Election for Texas Judicial Seat

(HorizonPost.com) – After finding 1,430 illegal votes, a judge invalidated the 2022 election results of a Texas judicial seat in which Democratic candidate DaSean Jones won by a narrow margin of 449 votes.

After a close defeat, Republican candidate Tami Pierce challenged the decision in court, marking one of many instances of election fraud complaints in Harris County that year.

Now, Justice David Peeples has found that the true result of the seat cannot be determined due to a large number of illegal votes, adding that the 180th District Court in Harris County must go to the polls once again.

In his defense, Pierce stated that 953 voters from outside the county cast their ballots in the Harris County elections, as indicated by their Statement of Residence forms. Similarly, 245 voters also provided incomplete residence statements, which lacked any details about their current address. He emphasized that any voter who relocates within Harris County is required to submit a new Statement of Residence to confirm their eligibility to vote based on their residency.

The judge admitted that Pierce’s arguments were correct, although he found the actual number of these controversial votes to be slightly fewer than what Pierce had claimed.

Peeples stated that 231 voters submitted residence statements with no information for both former and current residences, which makes their votes illegal.

Furthermore, the judge determined that a total of 983 ballots were cast by individuals living outside Harris County, so they were not eligible to vote in the first place.

Apart from these voter discrepancies, Peeples continued, 445 other voters did not meet the state’s voter ID requirements, not to mention multiple mail-in-votes that had either illegal signatures or were returned after the allocated time.

Another Republican candidate, Erin Lunceford, also challenged her election results for a Harris County court seat. Peeples presided over this case as well and found 2,041 illegal votes cast, although he fell short of nullifying this election due to a victory margin of 2,743 votes.

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