Kamala Harris Backed Bail Fund Sees Donations Dry Up

(HorizonPost.com) – A bail fund backed by Vice President Kamala Harris has collapsed. Donations to the fund are down by a staggering 98% in a year. It made $837,000 in 2021, compared to $41.7 million in 2020. 

Protestors founded the Minnesota Freedom Fund in 2020 during the Black Lives Matter riots, and its donations are used to bail out criminals ranging from pedophiles to murderers.

The Vice President urged people to donate to the fund so that rioters, who caused death and destruction across the United States following the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis, could get out of jail. Most of the funds, however, were not spent on “protestors” but on serious offenders including rapists.

Twice-convicted rapist Christopher Boswell and alleged rapist Timothy Wayne Columbus – charged with assaulting an 8-year-old girl – received $75,000 for their legal defense. Three weeks after he was bailed out, another violent criminal George Howard shot and killed a man during an incident of road rage.

After the fund paid for his release, Shawn Michael Tillman shot and killed a passenger on a St. Paul light rail platform. He was awaiting trial for indecent exposure.

Funding for Black Lives Matter has also collapsed since 2020. It raised $90 million that year, but by 2022, funding fell by 88%. The group’s latest tax returns show it running at a deficit last year, having blown its initial windfall on luxury properties for its founders. It spent more than $10 million in contracts with friends and family. Paul Cullors, brother of founder Patrice Cullors, made $1.6 million for providing security services, despite having no security experience.

Shalomyah Bowers, a close friend of Cullors, was paid $1.7 million for “management and consulting services.” Bowers’ management, however, has been blamed by some in the BLM movement for its loss of fortunes. Black Lives Matter Grassroots, a sister organization, said, “Instead of using the donations for its intended purposes, Mr. Bowers diverted these donations to his own coffers.”

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