Kamala Harris Told To Stand Down!

Kamala Harris Asked To Bow Out Of 2024 By George Will

(HorizonPost.com) – The Trump-hating RINO, George Will, produced an editorial published in the Washington Post less than a week before the midterm elections.

Will strongly desires that neither Biden nor Harris runs for president in 2024.

Since they took office, Joe Biden and Kamala have been responsible for the destruction of the United States economy, the creation of the worst inflation crisis in forty years, the obliteration of our foreign policy, the making of the United States into a laughing stock around the world, the opening of the border to five million lawbreakers, the flooding of the country with lethal drugs, and the assault on our history and foundation.

The Democratic Party is deliberately putting in extra effort to bring America to its knees. This has to be their plan. No one can cause so much destruction accidentally.

But, along comes George Will. When George was younger, he earned a reputation as a renowned conservative journalist. However, George Will completely lost his mind when Donald Trump entered politics. Will is hailed as a hero by the corrupt leftwing establishment media because he never tried to hide the fact that he despised Donald Trump and others who supported him.

Now that things are going from bad to worse in the country, George Will has taken a stand against Old Joe and Kamala.

According to Will, the recent statement by Biden in which he incorrectly claimed to have enacted a significant student loan forgiveness scheme “by law” and asserted that he “got it passed by a vote or two” could be grounds for disqualification.

Will said this is not another one of his rhetorical scrapes. No answer is disheartening for his total misunderstanding. Is he lying or delusional?

“It is terrifying to think that President Biden does not know or recall what he has done recently about a policy of utmost importance. It is reasonable to assume that he will experience other instances of the same confusion in the future. It is recommended that he retire from public life on January 20, 2025.”

The longtime columnist remarked that Harris’s stance on various issues sounds “like someone presenting a book report on a book they never read.”

Having Harris second in line to a Joe Biden is having the worst of two worlds.

The left has saddled us with a remarkably incompetent administration.

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