Kamala Harris Won’t Take Elizabeth Warren’s Phone Calls

(HorizonPost.com) – Kamala Harris won’t take Elizabeth Warren’s phone calls after a radio interview indicated the senator’s lack of support for the vice president, according to Business Insider. Warren reportedly called Harris twice about the 2024 presidential election since the interview aired in January, but to no avail.

President Joe Biden has indicated that he is going to seek another term and when asked about her support, Warren appeared on the fence about the team Biden and Harris make together. 

“I really want to defer to what makes Biden comfortable on his team,” Warren told Boston Public Radio, adding that while she worked with Harris for many years but her and Biden have to work as a team. Warren has since backtracked on her comments, saying that will back a 2024 Biden-Harris ticket and it was not her intention to suggest that she didn’t. 

But the comment was seen as “pretty insulting,” according to an aide close with Harris. The vice president has received dubious support from other members of her party who feel that she has been a disappointment so far. Democrats do not see her as a choice for the presidency even if Biden decided not to run again, according to The New York Times

Biden reportedly called Harris a “work in progress” in the past and was frustrated with comments made by her husband, First Gentleman Doug Emhoff after it was revealed that he was complaining about his wife’s policy assignments, according to Washington Examiner

Harris has also had problems with her staff throughout her term in office. Most of all, she has had issues trying to define her vice presidency, the Times reported. Earlier this year, Harris was assigned to solve the “root crises of immigration,” but refused to visit the border, despite continuous reports of illegal immigration spiraling out of control as CBP encounters surpass two million.

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