Kim Jong Un Is Having War Simulations, Testing A Nuclear Attack

( – North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is simulating war and testing nuclear attacks, according to The Hill. The communist country said that its ballistic missile launch was simulated to hit South Korea. The missile allegedly detonated 800 meters above the sea and was diverted 500 miles away from the eastern coast of North Korea. Pyongyang said that the simulation was not going to put any country in danger. 

North Korean state media, Rodong Sinmun, wrote that the drill came amid perceived “aggression” from other countries as the U.S. and South Korea conducted joint exercises earlier in March. The outlet claimed that the U.S. is bringing “nuclear strategic assets” to their neighbor. 

The U.S.-South Korean exercises reportedly lasted 11 days, beginning March 13, and focused on the sea, air, and land. One of the exercises, called “Freedom Shield,” included representatives from the United Nations Command and the United Nations. 

“Freedom Shield 23 is the latest example of that training and the ironclad commitment to support and defend the ROK sovereignty from any threat or adversary,” the press release read. 

Pyongyang also says that it perceived the drills as preparation for an invasion. 

Collaboration between the U.S. and South Korea comes as China continues hostilities over Taiwan and reiterates its friendship with Russia amid the Ukraine war. Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the Kremlin which was closely watched by those in the West who are looking to see if Chinese weapons show up on the battlefield. 

Both Xi and Putin affirmed their scrutiny of the West during the visit. Putin called the West a “collective” and expressed the strong partnership that exists between Russia and China. Xi, who did not name the West or the United States, said that the world was confronted with “damaging acts of hegemony, domination, and bullying.”

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