Landlord Describes ‘Filthy’ Findings From Squatter’s Property

( – Seattle police removed two squatters who had taken up residence in a Queen Anne three-flat, one of whom installed a stripper pole for her OnlyFans account, KIRO reported.

Redmond resident Leka Devatha, who owns the Queen Anne, was informed by her property manager Eric Poll in October that a couple had moved into the top floor of the building. The couple told Poll that they had leased the unit from the owner but refused to show the lease to him.

When Devatha confronted the couple directly, they told her they would call their attorney. Devatha and Poll then contacted the Seattle Police. The couple showed police a lease from their phone which they claimed they got from Craigslist. The police told Devatha that it was a civil matter and they couldn’t get involved.

The two squatters had submitted a change of address with the post office and even put up Halloween decorations at the property.

However, the couple never signed a lease and were paying no rent for the property.

The eviction process in King County is a long one and Devatha knew that the case would get added to the more than 600 eviction cases already backlogged in the Landlord/Tenant courts.

Her attorney Synthia Melton told KIRO that this was a clearcut trespassing case which made it surprising to her that the police told Devatha it was a civil matter. The couple broke into the unit and changed the locks, Melton noted. This makes the issue a criminal, not a civil matter.

What’s more, the couple ripped out the carpeting and started to do remodeling on the unit, including plumbing and electric work, Devatha told KIRO.

A few weeks after Melton filed a formal request to have the couple removed, it took four officers around 45 minutes to send them packing.

While the squatters were gone, they left behind a half-eaten cake, clothing, and a stripper pole. One of the squatters, a woman from Bellingham, describes herself as an OnlyFans influencer on her LinkedIn account.

Devatha told KIRO that she didn’t know what the OnlyFans influencer had planned for the apartment but she is just happy to have them out.

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