Leftists Flee Twitter – Musk Laughs With SCATHING Mockery

Elon Musk Rejoices As Leftists Quit Twitter In Protest

(HorizonPost.com) – To the amazement of media skeptics and Twitter CEO Elon Musk, Mastodon, a social media alternative to Twitter, has purportedly developed into the scene of woke infighting and journalistic “gatekeeping.”

Several well-known persons declared they would switch to Mastodon in opposition to Musk’s new rules that he started enforcing on the platform, including the reinstatement of banned accounts like former President Trump. However, when more journalists joined the site, there were increasing allegations of individuals being blocked, attacked, or outright banned for political reasons.

When linking to a New York Times article about the harmful effects of puberty blockers on minors, former Slate podcaster Mike Pesca was expelled from the well-known Mastodon “instance,” or server, known as journa.host.

Parker Malloy, a transgender blogger, blasted Pesca and lamented the network’s failure to take down the “anti-trans stuff.” Pesca soon received word that “he had been suspended for referring to Ms. Molloy as an ‘activist,’ which was disrespectful,” according to the New York Times.

“I had to join Mastodon to get called a bigot by @ParkerMolloy because I said a well-reported NYT article complicated a common claim around puberty blockers. Seems a huge difference from Twitter,” Pesca tweeted on Saturday.

Following his “bootlicker” remark about transgender journalist Evan Urquhart, Malloy was expelled from journa.host.

Late last week, a number of media analysts and journalists sent out “last” tweets in the hope that Twitter would be shut down due to Musk’s policies and widespread layoffs. Even CBS News announced on Friday that it would stop using Twitter because of the “uncertainty.” Less than 48 hours later, the media outlet checked in on the story again.

However, several journalists have argued that Mastodon is a good alternative. According to Joseph Bernstein of the New York Times, several users believed the website was just like Twitter but without “the ugliness.”

Twitter users have been joking that Mastodon has turned into a den for “hall-monitor” journalists in light of numerous instances of self-proclaimed moderators making arbitrary choices.

Twitter user Comfortably Smug made fun of Mastodon, saying it was “the woke lib journo circular firing squad hell pit they always wanted Twitter to be.”

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