Lost Book Turns Up at Library a Century Later

Lost Book Turns Up at Library a Century Later

(HorizonPost.com) – On November 8, 1911, a reader in Boise, Idaho, checked out New Chronicles of Rebecca by Kate Wiggin from the Carnegie Library and never returned the book. Over a hundred years later, the very novel appeared on the front desk of the library’s main branch. Reportedly, whoever had the missing literature returned it anonymously to its rightful place.

Library assistant Anne Marie Martin told reporters unless the one who last had the book comes forward to admit returning it to the library, there’s no way of knowing the path the book took on its way back to its rightful home.

The person or persons who had the book over the years kept it in great shape because it was in excellent condition. Some theorize the literature spent years tucked away in the far corners of an attic, waiting for discovery. The library marked the book as lost for good in 1912.

Now that the book is back home, the library intends to keep it on display. The assistant hopes someone will come forward to shed light on the 110-year mystery. The history should make for an interesting story to tell. Luckily, the library’s communications manager, Lindsey Driebergen, was quick to mention the library obviously won’t charge any fines for the overdue item.

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