Luxe RVs for SF’s Homeless as Tech Workers Cram into Pods

( – According to a report in the San Francisco Chronicle, the city’s safe parking site at Candlestick Point featuring RVs for homeless people is costing San Francisco $12,000 a month for each RV placed on the site.

Meanwhile, young people who flock to the city to work in San Francisco’s tech industry are living in $700 a month “pods,” the New York Post reported.

Opened in January 2022, the Bayview Vehicle Triage Center holds 30 RVs and will cost San Francisco at least $12.2 million in the next two years, all to house the homeless.

The glorified RV park allows the homeless to live rent-free while enjoying 24/7 security.

Despite the veritable comfort, not all homeless residents enjoy living at Bayview Vehicle Triage Center.

One resident compared the experience to “living in a prison.” He told the New York Post that the RV park has too many rules and he is not permitted to park his truck inside the area. Additionally, residents are not permitted to have visitors or keep “too much stuff” with them in the RV.

The RV park’s security and other services are provided by two non-profit groups, the Bayview Hunters Point Foundation and Urban Alchemy. The city pays the two groups thousands each month to provide services.

The owner of a nearby convenience store told the Post that while she understands why the homeless staying at the park need help, she thinks they should be required to get jobs in exchange for staying there.

Just miles away from the Bayview Vehicle Triage Center, young professionals are renting tiny pods half the size of the RVs in shared housing and paying $700 a month for the privilege.

In the Brownstone Shared Housing facility near Union Square, 28 people are renting pod spaces that are each equipped with a twin mattress and temperature controls. The residents all share a common lounge, bathrooms, and showers.

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