Major Company Pulls Services Out of China Amid Censorship

Major Company Pulls Services Out of China Amid Censorship

( – Although China’s regulation over video games and business is nothing new, its strict crackdown on gameplay in August and additional legal regulations seem to have tech companies bowing out of the country. Not surprisingly, Yahoo Inc. announced plans to pull its business dealings out of China due to an “increasingly challenging business and legal environment” beginning November 1.

The tech giant joined Microsoft, which removed its LinkedIn platform from China in October and replaced it with a simple jobs board. Epic Games also announced its departure from the Asian country by shutting down its Chinese version of the globally popular game Fortnite — Fortress Night.

The gaming company stated approval in China led to “heavy content changes” and censorship, which kept them from fully implementing their game before pulling it entirely.

The mass exodus from the Far East mainland stems from anti-monopoly legislation, data protection laws, and company approval requirements. Although Yahoo began downsizing in China back in 2015, and the country already blocked some of the tech company’s services, increased regulations put the final nail in the coffin for the operation to continue any business there.

Some speculation points to the sweeping governmental changes implemented over the last year as China’s way of realigning the private tech sector to its Communist Party ideals.

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