Majority of New York Assembly Ready to Impeach Andrew Cuomo, Report Says

Majority of New York Assembly Ready to Impeach Andrew Cuomo, Report Says

( – To say that the first week in August 2021 was a bad week for New York’s Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo would be the epitome of an understatement when one considers:

  • A report from the State’s Attorney General’s (AG) office concluded that he had sexually harassed multiple women.
  • President Joe Biden and other prominent Democrats have called for his resignation.
  • “Executive Assistant #1” (EA1) of the AG report filed a criminal complaint that could lead to his arrest.
  • A majority of the New York Assembly is ready to impeach him if he does not leave office on his own.

Harassment, Fear and Intimidation

State AG Letitia James released a report put together by independent investigators that details the stories of 11 women who had stepped forward to accuse the governor of making sexualized comments as well as physical touching and kissing. For example, EA1 testified that during “close and intimate hugs” the governor had a habit of grabbing her butt, that and on one occasion, he “reached under her blouse and grabbed her breast.”

Lindsey Boylan was a senior assistant to the governor and testified to the investigators about numerous instances where he would place his hands and lips upon her without her permission and made comments about her attractiveness. After she left her position, she began tweeting about her experiences and wrote a piece on the Internet platform Medium in February 2021. The investigative report found that the governor’s office engaged in a pattern of intimidation against her because of accusations they made during her campaign to become the Manhattan Borough President.

Quit or Be Fired

The New York Assembly is the legislative body in the state government that serves the role of the US House. It’s overwhelmingly controlled by Democrats, who hold 106 of the seats as opposed to Republicans with 43 and a single Independent. According to a story on Fox News, at least 86 members of that body have indicated they would support Cuomo’s impeachment.

On the national level, prominent Democrats such as President Biden and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) have called for his resignation, as have both of the Senators from New York. One Democrat in the Assembly who’s been vocal in his opinion is a man by the name of Ron Kim. He noted the report claims the governor violated the laws of both the state and federal government and said, “We have as a legislative body an ethical and legal duty to remove him from his position of power.”

The Governor Responds

It’s important to note that Governor Cuomo is innocent until proven guilty either by a court of law or by a guilty verdict by the New York Senate in any potential impeachment trial. Both he and his personal attorney, Rita Glavin, have made their public responses to the Attorney General report.

The governor specifically mentioned one of the complainants, Charlotte Bennett, a survivor of sexual assault. He claims that it was a sense of empathy for her that caused him to engage her on the topic but that, essentially, he bungled it. The rest of his narrative is either a denial of the allegations or a justification saying it’s something that was instilled in him by his mother and father as a way to “convey warmth, nothing more.”

Ms. Glavin was more abrupt and apparently thought the best defense is a good offense, saying it was “an utterly biased investigation… [focused on]… the narrative they have sought to weave from the outset.”

The battle lines have been drawn, and most seem to be more inclined to believe the accusers. But one needs to wonder if political expediency will change their minds if the process drags out?

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