Man Baffles the Internet With Unusual Skill

Man Baffles the Internet With Unusual Skill

( – Many may want to file this story under “N” for no, nope, no way, and not happening. Ndayisaba is a beekeeper in Rwanda. He set the Internet abuzz when he posted pictures of himself wearing a suit made of honey — while it’s still inside the bees that make it! He claims after three decades of letting the insects keep him swarm, he has suffered a sting… exactly zero times. Yes, he maintains even though he lets thousands of them wander his body at a time, it has never happened.

Ndayisaba attaches the queen by a string around his waist. The rest of the hive comes to protect her, creating a shield over her and on him. He also said people aren’t generally disturbed by the sight but instead are intrigued, sometimes asking him to teach them how to do it, too.

In a 2011 article for, a woman named Katie Lee described her way of achieving a bee beard of 10,000 tiny moving insects. Among other things, her team sprays them down with sugar syrup every so often because, as she says, “Well-fed bees are less likely to sting, so we keep them fat and happy.”

Wearing a bee suit isn’t just a hobby for Mr. Ndayisaba. Selling the sweet nectar from his bees is how he makes a living for himself and his family. While it’s not for everybody, some might say he has a honey of a job.

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