Man Breaks Into Couple’s Home and… Cleans It?

Man Breaks Into Couple's Home and... Cleans It?

( – There have been some strange stories about break-ins over the years, but this one might take the cake. Best of all, this story has a happy ending. In fact, we’re going to bet you crack a smile before it’s over — or perhaps a great big belly laugh.

A New Jersey man named Louis Angelino III runs a house cleaning service as a side gig to earn a few bucks. Normally, he works at a liquor store, which might explain the rest of the story, but we digress.

Recently, Angelino inadvertently “broke into” an apartment and gave it a thorough cleaning. We’re talking a floor-to-ceiling shine in no time. There’s only one problem — he got the wrong address and entered a stranger’s home by accident.

Here’s what happened. A client texted Angelino the address to his apartment and told him the key to the front door was under the doormat. Cliche, yes, but people still do it.

Angelino showed up on the big day and drove up to the apartment’s front door. He hopped out of his car, looked under the doormat, retrieved the key, and went to work cleaning.

He finished up, surveyed his job, and was about to leave when his cell phone rang. It was his client. “Yo, where are you?” his client asked.

Angelino responded, “Your living room, waiting for you to drop by and see me playing with your cat.” The client told Angelino he doesn’t own a cat. Then, it hit him like a ton of bricks. He was in the wrong apartment.

All’s well that ends well. Angelino’s client ended up giving his neighbor his number, and they called him up and had a good laugh over the incident. They also told him they might be calling in the future for another thorough cleaning!

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