Man Duct-taped to Seat After Acting Out on Flight

Man Duct-taped to Seat After Acting Out on Flight

( – Duct tape: It’s a toolbox staple one can use to wrap around a leaky hose, repair a NASCAR quickly or, apparently, secure troublesome airline passengers. Such was the case on a recent Frontier Airlines flight to Miami from Philadelphia.

Maxwell Berry of Norwalk, Ohio (near Cleveland) got on everybody’s last nerve on Saturday, July 31. Unfortunately, it seems he decided to demonstrate why some people call alcohol “stupid juice,” because after a couple of drinks, he allegedly started acting out.

He tipped his hand as to what was to come when a female flight attendant had to admonish him for touching her “backside inappropriately.” From there, he continued his “illegal use of hands” (to borrow a phrase from football), reportedly groping two other women on the flight crew.

He eventually returned to his seat but began yelling profanities, and when a male flight attendant came to quiet him down, accounts say he launched himself across two empty seats to punch the steward in the face. It was at this point the duct tape appeared. Frontier grounded the cabin crew — with pay — pending an investigation.

Earlier in July, on an American Airlines flight, a female passenger found herself in a similar sticky situation. It seems that the flight attendants preferred her to remain in her seat rather than wandering around trying to open the doors mid-flight. The flight crew was forced to take action because had she succeeded, her results would have really… sucked.

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