Man Headed to Jail for Calling 911 Before Murdering Neighbor

Man Headed to Jail for Calling 911 Before Murdering Neighbor

( – In September 2020, Christopher Colgrove of Bagley, Minnesota, called 911 to ask them to send an ambulance to his house. Shortly after police arrived at the scene, the perpetrator stabbed his neighbor, Dawn Swenson, in front of the responding officer. Unfortunately, the victim died soon after despite attempts from the police to help her, and Colgrove was arrested and charged a few days later with her murder.

When Officer Kenneth Olson entered the house, he saw Colgrove struggling with Swenson, so he used his taser to subdue the aggressor. Sadly, the man was high on methamphetamines and was largely unfazed, but managed to stab the victim, sending her plummeting down the stairs.

Instead of chasing the subject, the police tried to save the victim, to no avail. Two days later, officers arrested Colgrove and charged him with murder. The court convicted the killer on charges of first-degree murder, and recently handed down his sentence.

On February 23, Clearwater County District Judge Robert Tiffany condemned the defendant to life in prison. Many family members attended the proceedings to read impact statements before the judge. Colgrove must also pay $10,000 restitution to Swenson’s family. According to Minnesota law, he can file for parole in 30 years.

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