Man Pleads Guilty to Sickening Crimes

Man Pleads Guilty to Sickening Crimes

( – When people die, they go through a series of steps before their loved ones lay them to rest. One of those stops is to the morgue, where those in contact with the deceased treat them with the utmost respect — usually. On November 4, a man working as a hospital electrician in England pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting 78 identified deceased women and girls in local mortuaries over a 12-year period. However, police found evidence of at least 99 potential victims.

David Fuller, the accused, also admitted to breaking into two women’s homes in Kent county in 1987, murdering and assaulting them postmortem.

Police arrested the defendant following a hit on a DNA test, which led to his grotesque confessions. To back the prosecution’s case and confirm Fuller’s account, investigators uncovered recordings the defendant made of his necrophilia and about four million pictures of sexual abuse while searching his home in Sussex.

Going forward, the area’s health sector will likely regulate who has access to bodies in the morgue as they go through processing to prevent this type of depravity.

Libby Clark of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) remarked that with the help of evidence provided by the defendant himself, the court built a “compelling case.” As Fuller stands trial for his misdeeds, the live investigation against him continues.

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