Man Reportedly Gets Stuck in Chimney While Breaking Into Home

Man Reportedly Gets Stuck in Chimney While Breaking Into Home

( – When a criminal decides to rob a home, the typical points of entry are usually either the doors or the windows. However, a would-be burglar in Silver Spring, Maryland, reportedly took some tips from Santa Claus and decided to climb down a chimney to carry out his crime. Unfortunately for him, the stack was a bit too narrow, and the fire department had to rescue him from his predicament.

Although it wasn’t clear to firefighters on the scene how the man got himself inside the chimney, it wasn’t an easy task to get him out.

After an emergency call to authorities about an attempted break-in, it took a skilled team from the Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service to bust into the wall and dismantle part of the structure bit by bit to extract the man. First responders were as careful as possible and transported the culprit to the hospital for treatment. According to WTOP News, the suspect only suffered from minor injuries. Police followed the ambulance to question the perpetrator, but it’s not known if they charged him with a crime.

As for the damage to the wall and the chimney inside the home, it’s unknown who will shoulder the cost for repairs.

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