Man Seeks Help From Government to Search for Missing Mother

Man Seeks Help From Government to Search for Missing Mother

( – On January 3, a plane bound for mainland Panama crashed off the coast with five people on board, of which two are still missing. Sue Borries’ son reported the US is unwilling to provide the resources necessary to find his mother and her friend. The families of retired teachers Sue Borries and Debra Velleman are begging the State Department for assistance in bringing a third party in to help with the search, but it appears the government is dragging its feet on the matter.

A spokesperson from the State Department stated ensuring the “welfare and security” of US citizens outside the country is a top priority. They allegedly asked the Panama government for cooperation in the search and rescue effort for Borries and Velleman.

With every passing day, the missing teachers’ loved ones grow more frustrated about what they perceive as stalling from the US government. However, Senator Tammy Baldwin’s (D-WI) office told the press the Panama City Embassy is working with the US Coast Guard and the National Transportation Safety Board to “support the Panamanian search.”

Sadly, the families are unable and unwilling to hold any kind of service until someone brings their loved ones home.

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