Man Spends 20 Years Searching for Blood-Sucking Creature

Man Spends 20 Years Searching for Blood-Sucking Creature

( – Before dinosaurs roamed the earth, a jawless aquatic animal with swirling teeth scoured the seas looking to suck the blood of its next prey. These creepy creatures survived the mass extinction event that wiped out the giant reptiles, and they still exist today. One Australian man, Sean Blocksidge, spent the last 20 years looking for the elusive lamprey and finally spotted it in October along the Margaret River in the western part of his home country.

Although the tour guide equated his hunt to finding BigFoot or the Loch Ness Monster, he never gave up the hope of finding the endangered aquatic species. It seems fitting Blocksidge found the lamprey just before Halloween, considering many refer to the evolutionary creature as the vampire fish.

Their blue or brown coloring makes them difficult to spot, and the species usually comes out at night, so finding one during the day is unusual. In fact, the best time to spot a lamprey is during the winter on a rainy evening.

Murdoch University senior researcher Stephen Beatty said the find is important to the awareness of the ancient animal and encourages people in the area to go searching for themselves, as they pose no threat to humans.

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