Mass Shooting Witness Tells What She Saw

( – Witnesses opened up about what they saw during the mass shooting that occurred at a mall in Allen, Texas, according to Mediaite. According to a mother, Collen, and her son, the shooter was donned in all black “like a SWAT uniform without the letters SWAT on it.” The shooter reportedly opened fire and people were screaming and running.

Shots were reported at 5 p.m. and local police and the ATF responded. A police officer responding to an unrelated call was at the scene when he heard the shots. He made his way over and began to exchange fire with the shooter before neutralizing him. The officer then called for emergency services, according to Allen Police Department. 

Some witnesses filmed the incident that showed people running. Shots can be heard. Colleen and her son said that they saw the shooter’s body on the ground as they were being evacuated from the mall. Other images were shared of those who fell victim to the gunman. They were palled with white blankets outside of an H&M. 

The shooting comes after six black gunmen killed four and injured 32 others during a Sweet Sixteen in Alabama, according to National File. The national media has largely remained silent on the largest mass shooting in the state’s history, prompting some on the right to note the racial hypocrisy often engaged in during these tragedies.   

The Texas shooting has led to Democrats reiterating their call to ban firearms. Megyn Kelly tweeted that the proposal is unrealistic and that other solutions should be sought after. She suggested that there should be more mental health interventions, more arrests of people who are considered threats, and media coordination so that mass shooters are not “lionized” and seek fame through killing others. Kelly was criticized and lambasted by the left with some hurling expletives at her.

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