McCarthy Would Pursue Biden Impeachment If Necessary

( – House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan said last week that Speaker Kevin McCarthy would be willing to launch an impeachment inquiry into President Biden if it becomes necessary, Breitbart News reported.

Jordan told Breitbart last Thursday that the allegations against the president uncovered in House investigations could prompt the speaker to open an impeachment inquiry which would be led by the Judiciary Committee.

Jordan said that if it becomes necessary, “we have to go to an impeachment inquiry,” adding that he thinks Speaker McCarthy would be “willing to do that.”

But to get to that point, Jordan explained that it is up to Congress to “get our work done and do what the Constitution requires.”

According to Jordan, McCarthy has been clear that Republican lawmakers must first “get the facts” and documents needed before an impeachment inquiry is opened.

Speaking to reporters at the Capitol late last month, Speaker McCarthy said House Republicans may consider opening an impeachment inquiry over the evidence uncovered on the Biden family’s financial business dealings.

The speaker said opening an impeachment inquiry would enable Congress “to get the information” needed to get to the truth about the Biden family’s financial misconduct.

An impeachment inquiry would be the initial step necessary for the House to bring articles of impeachment.

While he offered no timeline for opening an impeachment inquiry, McCarthy told reporters that Congress would “follow this to the end.”

When asked if he discussed the matter with presidential candidate Donald Trump, the speaker said that he hadn’t.

Asked if he was being pressured by Trump to bring an impeachment inquiry against the president, McCarthy dismissed the question, asking, “Do I look like I’m under pressure?”

While some Republican members of the Judiciary Committee oppose pursuing impeachment, Wyoming Republican Harriet Hageman told Breitbart News that given the recent revelations about the Biden family’s business dealings and the president’s involvement, it is incumbent on the Judiciary Committee to open an impeachment inquiry.

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