Melania Trump Says Americans Deserve Fair Elections

Melania Trump Says Americans Deserve Fair Elections

( – One tactic used by the Progressive media is to run with a story and publish it as a fact that uses some rather… vague sources. CNN did it again, attributing words to First Lady Melania Trump. The report alleged she had advised President Trump to stop the legal proceedings and concede his loss to the Democratic Party’s candidate, Joe Biden.

Melania has set the record straight and completely refuted that story. She stated all of America deserves a fair election, a sentiment shared and explained by Representative Lee Zeldin (R-NY) in a tweet.

In just one example of election irregularities: A poll worker from Clark County, Nevada, has signed an affidavit, apparently submitted to Trump campaign officials, saying ballots were diverted to a van decorated to support the Biden/Harris campaign. The Nevada Attorney General’s office MUST investigate this issue.

Our First Lady knows this election process has divided America like none before, and all branches of the government must dutifully ensure it was conducted in the fairest way humanly possible.

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