Members of Trafficking Ring Finally Sentenced

Members of Trafficking Ring Finally Sentenced

( – In March 2020, a New York court convicted five men for their “family enterprise” of sex-trafficking girls and women from Mexico to Queens, pushing them into prostitution. On February 10, New York Judge Allyne R. Ross sentenced two of the men: Francisco Melendez-Perez and his relative Abel Romero-Melendez to 25 years and 20 years in prison, respectively. The three other men in the family had already received their sentences of almost 40 years each for their roles in the violent and cruel human trafficking business.

One of Melendez-Perez’s victims, Delia, was only 13 when he raped her, smuggled her into the country, and forced her to have sex with between 30 and 50 men every single day. She bravely spoke at his sentencing in Brooklyn, telling the public and the court how he abused her regularly and broke her jaw so badly she now suffers from permanent damage. Delia stated he did everything to force her to “make money for him.”

The family would procure the girls from Mexico by promising them a better life when they got to America, but what they delivered was nothing short of hell. Melendez-Perez’s attorney stated it was a “generational business” he was born into — as if it excused the behavior.

Although the judge acknowledged he may have inherited the lifestyle, he asserted that all guilty parties were responsible for their own actions and sentenced them accordingly.

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