Merriam-Webster Added These Words to the Dictionary This Year

Merriam-Webster Added These Words to the Dictionary This Year

( – A lot of people might think of the dictionary as a book set in stone, but the truth is languages are ever-changing, so it, too, must change. At the end of October, Merriam-Webster added 455 words to reflect differences in how we communicate. Many of the words relate to the way humans now speak online, in addition to those describing politics, pop culture and the pandemic.

Abbreviations and slang make up quite a bit of every language, especially with the internet and texting culture shift around the world. Words like amirite, FTW, and dadbod now have prestigious places in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Among the new words is peanut butter and marshmallow fluff on white bread, which is the official definition of a fluffernutter. In addition, the authority expanded the use of “because” to include it as a preposition in the English language. Whataboutism also made its way into the dictionary with a definition of “responding to an accusation of wrongdoing” by citing another offense.

In order to decide which words Merriam-Webster includes, a team consistently studies the language and its usage, choosing words that have established and widespread use. As the language grows and changes, so will the book housing its definitions.

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