Mexican Cartel Starts Wreaking Havoc With al-Qaeda Tactics

Mexican Cartel Starts Wreaking Havoc With al-Qaeda Tactics

( – Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, also known as El Mencho, runs the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) drug cartel and is the most wanted man in Mexico and one of the most wanted in the United States. Although he has a long history of aggressive leadership and violent tactics, he took the CJNG to a whole new level by using tactics straight from the Taliban and al-Qaeda. The brutal cartel leader reportedly began flying bomb-dropping drones and landmines to murder rival gang members, soldiers and police officers.

Cervantes has a bounty on his head in Mexico for 30 million MXN and $10 million in the United States for information leading to his capture and arrest.

Texas-based cartel expert Robert Almonte stated he isn’t surprised by El Mencho’s terrorist tactics. He said the Mexican cartels typically believe people are either with them or against them and act accordingly.

The Mexican army reportedly defused a total of 12 landmines in just one week, while another explosive injured 10 military members. Almonte reported the mines were similar to those used in the Middle East against US forces.

The municipality of Tepalcatepec is especially dangerous, with the CJNG simultaneously fighting a turf war with their rival groups of gangs which make up the Carteles Unidos. Until El Mencho is captured, there appears to be no end in sight to the violence in the area.

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