Mexican President Slams Biden Over Border Surge

Mexican President Fires at Biden Over Border Surge

( – Former President Donald Trump slowed the flow of illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican border. In part, he accomplished this by starting the border wall he promised during his 2016 presidential campaign. During the 2020 campaign season, now-President Joe Biden continually talked about his plan to reverse Trump’s border policies. Many in Mexico and Central America seemed to take that as an invitation to come north, as the Texas Public Policy Foundation pointed out in early December.

Thanks to recent restrictions on media access to the border, some Republicans think the administration could be trying to cover up the disaster and the human suffering in the detention facilities Biden reopened after President Trump had closed them.

Now, it’s not just critics in America blaming Biden for the problem. His counterpart, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (aka AMLO), has also laid responsibility directly at the Democrat’s feet.

Yet, Biden has authorized almost $200 million to temporarily house, process and release border crossers into the country’s interior (sometimes in as little as six hours). All the while, American citizens are without jobs and homes… and help from Washington, DC.

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