Microsoft Hires Company to Review Harassment Investigations

Microsoft Planning to Commission Third-Party Review of Harassment Investigations

( – In 2019, Microsoft launched an investigation against Bill Gates and other Microsoft board members after allegations surfaced of sexual harassment in the company. Unfortunately, the results of the probe were never made public, and now shareholders are demanding transparency to which Microsoft has complied. On January 13, the big tech corporation announced it’s hiring a law firm to review not only its sexual harassment investigations and policies, but accusations of gender discrimination as well.

The firm, Arent Fox, LLP, apparently has expertise in similar matters and intends to analyze previous allegations to provide recommendations for the company going forward. A report from Microsoft’s shareholders stated they want to know the adequacy of the company’s sexual harassment policy, executive investigation results the company never made public and what steps the company will take to hold guilty parties accountable for their actions.

The goal of the shareholders and, presumably, Microsoft, is to create a safe working environment welcoming to all employees, while preserving the company’s market value and profit margin.

Microsoft Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella thinks the move is a perfect opportunity “to get better.” Improving work conditions will likely make finding talented employees and retaining them easier for Microsoft.

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