Mike Johnson Expected To Continue Being Speaker After The Election

(HorizonPost.com) – Speaker of the House Mike Johnson vowed to remain in the job after the 2024 election, defying the push by two Republican lawmakers who are seeking his removal.

Johnson told reporters at his weekly press conference on Tuesday that he planned to continue leading the Republican conference, adding that the GOP had “plans for the next Congress” that they were already “outlining.”

Johnson said he has been honored to lead the House and expected to be “doing that in the future.” He also thanked Donald Trump for supporting his speakership.

The speaker continues to face threats from Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene who last week said she planned to force the House to vote on her motion to vacate the chair before the end of this week. By Wednesday, Greene had not followed through on her threat, likely due to Trump’s continued support for Speaker Johnson.

In a private donor luncheon over the weekend, Trump reiterated his belief that the speaker was “doing a very good job” and that Republicans in the House should “leave him alone.”

When asked if Trump was the reason she had yet to move forward with her threat, Greene said she wouldn’t discuss her conversations with Trump, except to say they were “fantastic.”

Greene, along with Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie, called for a meeting with Johnson on Monday looking to extract certain concessions from him in exchange for not moving forward with the vote.

During the two-hour meeting, the lawmakers demanded that Johnson only bring bills for a vote if they were supported by the majority of Republicans. They also asked for no further aid to Ukraine and for Johnson to move forward with a measure to defund the Justice Department investigations into Trump.

Johnson met with Greene and Massie again on Tuesday after which the Georgia congresswoman said the “ball is in Mike Johnson’s court.”

It is unlikely that the motion to oust Johnson will succeed. Last week, the Democrat House leadership announced that no Democrat member would support Greene’s motion.

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