Military Aircraft Crashes in Texas

Military Aircraft Crashes in Texas

( – A quiet Sunday morning on September 19 turned into chaos in a moment for residents living on and around Tejas Trail and Dakota Trail in Lake Worth, Texas. A T-45C Goshawk airplane used by the United States Navy to train future aviators ended up as a burning wreck after crashing nose-first into a neighborhood backyard.

After suffering an in-flight emergency — at the time of writing, a specific cause was still under investigation — both the pilot and the training instructor ejected from the plane. The instructor landed in a wooded area with minor injuries while the student pilot became entangled in power lines. A witness described him as being on fire. According to the Lake Worth Police Department (LWPD), the pilot suffered serious burns, but they did not appear life-threatening even though the injuries were serious.

The Fort Worth Fire Department (FWFD) said in a tweet shortly after the crash that two homes were heavily damaged, and they were treating “2-3 patients” for injuries later described as minor.

An LWPD press release said, all things considered, the fact that the airplane crash didn’t cause any deaths is “a miracle.”

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