Montana Abortion Initiative May Determine Senate Majority

( – Pro-abortion groups are funding efforts to place a ballot initiative in Montana in hopes that abortion initiatives will bolster Democrat turnout in 2024 and ward off a Republican Senate majority, the Washington Examiner reported.

After abortion ballot initiatives proved successful in Ohio and Kansas, some left-leaning groups decided to launch a similar proposal in Montana, where Democrat Senator Jon Tester faces a difficult reelection campaign.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund in November submitted a ballot initiative that would allow voters to decide if abortion should be enshrined in the state constitution.

While getting such an initiative on the ballot in 2024 is a lengthy and difficult process if it proves successful, Democrats believe the boost in voter turnout will help maintain their majority in the Senate, which Democrats hold by only 51 seats.

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, whose group Think Big America was instrumental in getting abortion initiatives on the ballot in Ohio and Nevada, said he would likely help support the effort in Montana.

After West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin announced that he would not seek another term, Jon Tester became the Democrats’ most vulnerable Senator in the 2024 election in which Republicans are only defending ten seats while Democrats will have to defend 23.

With only a 51 to 49 majority, Democrats can’t afford to lose either of their most vulnerable members, Tester and Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown. If the Democrats do not flip any of the ten Republican seats, losing either Tester or Brown would cost them the majority.

Jon Tester, who is seeking a fourth term in 2024, would give the Democrats their best chance of holding the seat in a state Trump won by 16 points in 2020. However, the Senate Republicans are pouring plenty of resources into Montana in hopes of taking the seat.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is supporting Republican Tim Sheehy, a former Navy SEAL and entrepreneur who is running in the Montana Senate primary to challenge Tester.

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