More Chinese Aircraft Intrude on Taiwan’s Territory, Report Says

More Chinese Aircraft Intrude on Taiwan's Territory, Report Says

( – The People’s Republic of China (mainland) continued its pattern of aggression by sending airplanes into the air defense zone of the Republic of China (Taiwan) yet again. The mainland considers the island nation a breakaway province while much of the world treats it as a sovereign entity. However, no one has diplomatic relationships with them.

On Sunday, September 5, according to Taiwan News, China flew a total of 19 military aircraft, including 14 fighters, 4 bombers, and an anti-submarine warfare plane, into the restricted zone. The Taiwanese Air Force began issuing warnings to the invading force, scrambled fighters of their own, and finally pinpointed them with anti-aircraft missile batteries.

The following day, Taiwan’s defense ministry detected four People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force fighters in their air defense area. At the same time, a radio broadcast identifying itself as being from the same group warned a foreign military aircraft away from “China’s territorial airspace.”

During the incursion, a United States Navy P-8A flew over the Bashi Channel between Taiwan and the Philippines, which places it almost completely in Taiwanese airspace. If this was the aircraft targeted by the warning, then the PLA used official radio to claim Taiwan as the PRC’s territory.

It seems like things are heating up in the Far East.

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