Most Republicans Would Vote For Trump Again In 2024 (POLL)

Most Republicans Would Vote For Trump Again In 2024 (POLL)

( – President Donald Trump and his legal team are still working their way through the courts because of irregularities that have happened across the country in the just-finished election. Should the quest ultimately fail, he’s still put his stamp on the Republican Party to the point that the majority of their voters say they would vote for him if he were to run in 2024.

Perhaps because he’s primarily a businessman and an outsider to the world of politics, so many of the party’s voters have focused a bit more on the lifetime members of Congress. Some of the issues in a recent poll reflect the following:

  • 71% felt the president had the best interests of America at heart, but only 17% felt that way about Congress.
  • On the issue of who is more in touch with their constituency, it was 68% to 20%.
  • As for trustworthiness, the president won out at 62% vs 21%.

Many believe that he will continue to exert great influence because of the huge numbers of people who back him. The career politicians, more interested in maintaining their lofty positions than they are about the voters, have been put on notice: That attitude is no longer acceptable.

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