Motorbike Accident Lands Actress Nina Dobrev in Hospital

( – “Vampire Diaries” actress Nina Dobrev was hospitalized this week after getting injured in a motorbike crash.

While Dobrev did not share many details about the accident, the 35-year-old actress did post a before and after shot on her Instagram account on Monday. The first photo showed the “Degrassi” actress seated astride a motorbike wearing shorts and no helmet. The second photo showed Dobrev in a hospital gown lying on a gurney wearing a neck brace and knee brace with an IV in her arm.

In her Instagram post, Dobrev said she was in for a “long road of recovery ahead.”

Dobrev’s boyfriend Shaun White, jokingly suggested that his girlfriend was “just keeping things on brand” by getting into an accident.

The 37-year-old Olympic snowboarder has been dating Dobrev since 2020.

In a recent interview, the gold medalist said he and Dobrev were currently making their way through a bucket list of things he wanted to do now that he’s retired from the sport.

White said the couple has traveled to Antarctica and visited Dubai, Indonesia, Monaco, and the south of France where the actress’ mother lives.

The couple also plans to attend the upcoming Paris Summer Olympics, provided Dobrev’s recovery from the motorbike accident doesn’t get in the way. According to White, Dobrev’s French is “pretty fluent.”

White admitted that being at the Olympics would probably make him feel as though he is missing out now that he is no longer competing. He admitted that he always feels the “pressure” and “excitement” that he used to experience every time he walked into a stadium.

White added that his bucket list also included “connecting with friends” and getting to be around for the “little things” after spending so many years in training and competitions. He said he enjoys being able to “be around” for the holidays and his friends’ birthdays.

In the meantime, White has also teamed up with CVS drug stores to promote their Well Market snack line.

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