Multiple People Dead After Horrific Murder-Suicide

Multiple People Dead After Horrific Murder-Suicide

( – Police in Navarro County, Texas, responded to a 911 call on February 5 and found a tragedy waiting for them that spanned two separate residences. They found four people dead at different houses along with three other gunshot victims in critical condition, all allegedly at the hands of 41-year-old Kevin Milazzo. Police then found Milazzo in his vehicle after he’d shot himself in the head. They took the suspect to the hospital, but he later succumbed to his injury and died.

Sadly, many of the victims were Milazzo’s own family.

Police found the suspect’s mother and stepfather dead along with two unidentified and critically-injured gunshot victims in the first home. A second group, which included Milazzo’s 21-year-old son and the 4-year-old son of his former girlfriend, were found dead in the other residence. Police also found a critically-injured woman at the second scene.

The three wounded victims are in the hospital, but there’s no report regarding their conditions right now. Neighbors were traumatized by the news, with one saying, “it’s scary” and unexpected in the quiet town of Corsicana, just a short drive southeast of Dallas.

The police have yet to establish a motive, given the suspect died before they could question him. However, if some of the victims survive, they may be able to shed more light on the tragedy.

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