Nancy Grace Unloads on “Delusional” Attempt to Free Ghislaine Maxwell

Nancy Grace Unloads on

( – British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell currently occupies a prison cell in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. She’s awaiting a trial scheduled to begin in July 2021 in federal court. Her friends and families have now started a campaign, dubbed “Operation GGO [Get Ghislaine Out],” which is not a popular idea in many quarters, including that of well-known legal commentator Nancy Grace.

Everyone in the American judicial system is considered innocent until proven guilty, but that’s not the point in a judge’s decision to grant or deny bail. Nor are the charges levied against a person, which in this case, includes sex trafficking children for convicted suicide victim Jeffrey Epstein. It’s to guarantee a person will show up when it’s time for their trial.

As the prosecutor said when requesting that she be remanded, Maxwell has three valid passports, millions of dollars stashed in banks around the world, and connections worldwide who could assist her in leaving the country undetected. Her complaints, like a lack of a vegan diet and being in her cell 23 hours a day in protective custody, have remedies short of putting her back on the street.

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