Navy Faces Legal Battle Over Park Use

Navy Faces Legal Battle Over Park Use

( – One of the places the US Navy SEALs train for their special operations is along the Washington state coastal parks. Although the Navy has used these parks as a training ground for more than 30 years, residents don’t like seeing armed men in camouflage uniforms around their local parks. They claim to want the parks free of military-related training activities so they can escape the tension and enjoy the environment rather than adding to the stress when they’re trying to relax. However, Navy spokesman Joe Overton said the shoreline parks in the state provide the “unique environment” the SEALs need to effectively train for missions.

Others in the area expressed concern over the environment with unmanned gas-powered aerial vehicles (UAVs) roaming the parks, and some are afraid they’ll come across “war games” in their jaunts along the beach.

The Navy SEALs insist they don’t interfere with park-goers and don’t use live ammunition or explosives. However, the statement was not enough to quell people’s fears, as they launched a legal battle to stop the military training. Local complaints prompted the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission to scale back on where and what time the SEALs train.

In order to serve the country and protect US citizens, the Navy SEALs have to properly train in real-world environments. That said, are Washington State Parks right for it? Do residents have a right to be concerned? What do you think?

While they await a hearing on April 1, the military group has paused all training in the parks.

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