New Bank Launched That Vows To End Cancel Culture

( – Country music singer John Rich announced that a new bank was launched to combat the cancel culture of existing banks, according to Just the News. The new bank, called “Old Glory Bank,” reportedly supports freedom-loving Americans who care about freedom of speech. The new bank also condemns banks that punish clients for holding views that they do not agree with.

The bank is being led by John Rich, Larry Elder, and Dr. Ben Carson, the former 2016 presidential candidate.

“People are getting their credit cards turned off if they go to the wrong protest or if they make the wrong social media posts,” Rich said on the John Solomon Reports podcast, referring to the Canadian government freezing Freedom Convoy protestors’ bank accounts earlier this year. He added that the Bank of Brazil was doing something similar to its citizens attending protests that went against the government’s narrative.

Rich also said that was approached by those in the banking industry with the idea and he was on board with the alternative.

Elder pitched the bank during an episode of Solomon’s podcast as well, saying that those who were threatened with having their accounts closed or who do not support the values of their current bank have a home at Old Glory Bank.

The creation of the patriotic bank comes after PayPal received public backlash for reportedly fining its customers $2,500 for spreading “misinformation.”

“They’ve weaponized our bank accounts basically, at this point,” said Rich, adding that a group of patriots began the bank because they just want for Americans to go about their business.

He did not say when the bank would launch but said that people who were interested in opening an account can visit the website and reserve a spot.

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