New Government Rule Could Decimate The Trucking Industry

( – The final national clean air standards to reduce the emissions from heavy-duty trucks that cause smog and soot were unveiled on Tuesday, December 20, by the insane EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan.

The new regulations seek to stop “dangerous pollution from semi-trucks” from spewing into the atmosphere. The EPA insists that the new regulations will safeguard the general public’s health, particularly vulnerable populations in underserved and overburdened areas.

These individuals pose a threat and are insane.

This is complete lunacy from the left and will only manage to increase food and consumer goods prices for underserved and burdened communities.

On Tuesday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized a rule that will place stricter nitrogen dioxide emissions standards on new heavy-duty trucks. According to experts and industry representatives, this move will significantly increase trucker operating costs.

According to a press release from the EPA, the rule will require large trucks, delivery vans, and buses built after 2027 to reduce nitrogen dioxide emissions by nearly 50% by 2045. This requirement is more than 80% stricter than the previous regulation. The agency’s rule is meant to encourage truckers to switch to electric vehicles (EVs) from diesel-powered ones, but experts warned that the costs associated with complying with such regulations could suffocate an industry that is not yet prepared to make the switch.

It is an overreach that “is indicative of this administration’s tendency to set aside balance to achieve the goals of activists that they are politically aligned with,” said Mandy Gunasekara, a senior policy analyst for the Independent Women’s Forum and a former chief of staff at the EPA under the Trump administration.

Because they won’t have the money to buy the new, incredibly expensive equipment needed to keep doing what they do, mid-sized and smaller trucking companies will be forced out of business.

This is not at all a concern for the left. The casualties will merely mean more people will turn to the state to be taken care of – which is the ultimate goal.

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