New O’Keefe Video Uncovers White House Staff Sentiments

( – James O’Keefe, the maker of undercover videos exposing the left, this past week released his latest “exposé” featuring a White House staffer who revealed that President Joe Biden is old and Vice President Kamala Harris is unpopular, the Daily Dot reported.

The video, which O’Keefe posted on Thursday, showed him “disguised” in a pair of glasses, seated at a restaurant table with White House cybersecurity analyst Charlie Kraiger discussing Biden and Harris.

Through leading questions, O’Keefe gets Kraiger to reveal that Joe Biden will be the Democrat nominee and Harris his running mate. Kraiger admits what news reports already revealed, namely that there was talk in the White House of replacing Harris on the ticket but they decided the optics would be bad.

Kraiger also shared with O’Keefe the not-so-shocking news that President Biden is “slowing down” and Vice President Harris can’t keep staff.

Eventually, the “disguised” James O’Keefe removes his glasses and reveals his true identity.

The video was such a letdown on social media that the response was one of sarcastic disappointment, especially in light of the dramatic buildup O’Keefe provided in the days leading up to the so-called exposé’s release.

On Sunday, O’Keefe posted a poll asking his followers if they thought he would be recognized if he went “on a date” with a White House staffer wearing “big eyeglasses” and spray paint in his hair.

In a lengthy tweet Wednesday night, O’Keefe claimed that the details revealed in the video he was about to release left him in fear for his life. After eulogizing himself and the wonderful life he has lived, O’Keefe declared that in 2024, he would “raise the stakes” and “expose them all.”

Adele Scalia, the daughter-in-law of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, quote-tweeted O’Keefe’s video, saying that when she died, she wanted O’Keefe to be the one to lower her in the grave “so he can let me down one last time.”

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