New Poll Shows People Are Less Optimistic About Joe Biden’s America

New Poll Shows People Are Less Optimistic About Joe Biden's America

( – Buyer’s remorse is a very real thing, and while that may not be what’s going on exactly when it comes to President Joe Biden, it seems the American people are far less enamored with where the country is going than they were just a few short months ago. ABC News/Ipsos conducted a poll between July 23-24, and some of the numbers should raise a few eyebrows in the nation’s capital.

One bright spot for the president is the response to a question about their feelings “of the way Joe Biden is handling the response to the coronavirus (COVID-19).” In this area, 63% said they approve as opposed to the 36% who disapprove. Even that, however, is a bit tarnished because the previous survey taken March 26-27 was better for him at 72%/28%.

When it comes to how the administration deals with crime, an underwhelming 39% approve of the job. On the related question of gun violence, Biden loses another two percentage points. But the huge drop comes in how people in the country feel about the next year of their lives in response to, “Would you say you feel optimistic or pessimistic about the way things are going in this country?”

The respondents to that question on April 30-May 1 answered (in emoji-speak), with 64% giving a thumbs up and 36% with frowny faces. In this most recent poll, those with a positive outlook plummeted almost 20 points to 45%, and a clear majority of 55% seeing clouds on the horizon.

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