New Report Details Evidence In Josh Duggar Case

Feds Seize Computer Belonging to Josh Duggar

( – When US Marshals arrested reality TV star Josh Duggar in April 2021 on child pornography crimes, the public knew little about the exact evidence against him. However, a recent court filing shows that Homeland Security pinpointed his business IP address, revealing a slew of sexually explicit images and videos featuring prepubescent girls as young as seven. According to Fox News, the findings include but are not limited to 65 images of a young girl, many of which are explicit in nature.

Although prosecutors attempted to keep him in prison after his arrest, the father of six posted bond and lives in a mansion in Arkansas while awaiting his fate. Luckily, he’s wearing an ankle monitor to track his movements.

Mrs. Duggar is standing by her man, pregnant with their seventh child. And if that’s not shocking enough, her husband has unlimited access to their other six children despite the egregious charges against him. However, he isn’t allowed to be alone with them, and he cannot access the internet.

The accused “19 Kids and Counting” star pleaded not guilty to both federal charges against; he maintains his innocence. His jury trial will take place on November 30 and should conclude in a few days. If his peers convict him, Duggar could spend the next 40 years in prison and face up to $250,000 in fines for each charge as punishment.

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