Nikki Haley’s Ongoing Self-Sabotage

( – Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley last Thursday scrambled to stop the bleeding caused by her clumsy remarks about the Civil War, CNN reported.

At a New Hampshire town hall last Wednesday, Haley responded to a question about the Civil War by explaining that the cause of the conflict was over “how government was going to run” and what freedoms “people could and couldn’t do.” The audience member who asked the question told the GOP candidate that he was astonished that her answer did not include the word slavery.

Rather than simply acknowledging slavery’s part in the war, Haley asked him what he expected her to say about slavery, which prompted the questioner to remark, “You answered my question.”

The exchange sparked a backlash in the media and among Democrat politicians, with the Biden campaign quickly capitalizing on the exchange.

While appearing on Jack Heath’s radio program last Thursday morning, Haley asserted that while the Civil War was unquestionably about slavery, the lesson from the war was that the country must “make sure that every person has the freedom to “do and be anything” without the government “getting in the way.”

Haley insisted that as someone from the South, she was aware that the Civil War was about slavery.

Haley tried to clean up the mess at another New Hampshire town hall on Thursday, explaining that everyone knows that the Civil War was about slavery.

DeSantis campaign spokesman Andrew Romero described Haley’s attempts to “clarify” her remarks as “embarrassing.”

Romero said on X last Thursday that if Haley can’t handle a basic question like the cause of the Civil War, “what does she think is going to happen to her in the general election?” Romeo predicted that the Democrats would eat Haley’s lunch.

While campaigning in New Hampshire last Thursday evening, Haley’s challenger Chris Christie said Haley didn’t mention slavery because she was “unwilling to offend anyone by telling the truth.”

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