Noem’s North Korea Encounter Edited Out by Publisher

( – The publisher of Kristi Noem’s book “No Going Back” announced on Sunday that at the South Dakota governor’s request, it would remove the mention of her meeting North Korea’s Kim Jong Un from future editions.

Noem’s book, which was released on Tuesday, has faced scrutiny over the past week, first for her anecdote about shooting her dog, and now over the false claim that she met with Kim Jong Un when she was a member of the House.

Ian Fury, a spokesman for the Republican governor, said last Friday that including Kim in the list of world leaders Noem had met was done in error and that the reference would be corrected in future editions of her book.

In its May 5 statement, Center Street also said it would make the change “as soon as technically possible” to the e-book and audio versions as well.

While appearing on CBS News’s “Face the Nation” Sunday morning, Noem admitted that as soon as the claim about meeting Kim had been brought to my attention, she took steps to have it edited out of the book.

When directly asked by host Margaret Brennan if she had ever met Kim Jong Un, Noem skirted the question by saying she met with “many world leaders.”

Noem did visit China, Japan, and South Korea in 2014 when she was a member of the House Armed Services Committee. However, she would not have traveled to North Korea and there are no reports that Kim Jong Un ever traveled outside of North Korea until 2018 when Noem was already running for governor of South Dakota.

However, in her book, Noem claimed that when she met Kim, she figured he “underestimated me” since he wasn’t aware of her “experience staring down little tyrants.”

According to Noem’s spokesman Ian Fury, the book contains “two small errors” that had already been “communicated to the ghostwriter and editor.”

The second “small error,” according to Fury, was that Noem mixed up the dates of when she spoke with Nikki Haley.

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