North Korea Ignores Biden Administration’s Outreach Attempts

North Korea Ignores Biden Administration's Outreach Attempts

( – It’s not unreasonable for one to ignore someone who compares them to Hitler or calls them a “thug.” Perhaps that’s why North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has ignored all diplomatic overtures from President Joe Biden, who applied both terms to the North Korean leader during the 2020 presidential campaign.

Despite the Biden administration’s quiet attempts since mid-February to reach out to North Korea, there has been no meaningful dialogue between the two nations since 2019. The new administration reached out to lower any risk of hostilities.

North Korea’s current silence could stem from the fact that just prior to the election, on the 22nd of October, Politico ran an article about Biden taking a shot at then-President Donald Trump over his relationship with the top man of the Hermit Kingdom. He made a point of claiming that until the Korean Peninsula became an area devoid of nuclear weapons, he had no intention of meeting with Kim.

The dictator has long made clear he intends for his country to be a world player. For Kim Jong-un, that means having a strong military, as evidenced by the parade he held showing off his ballistic missiles back in January, including one that could be submarine-launched. One could argue Kim is giving Biden exactly what he asked for during the campaign.

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