NYC Council Set to Approve Mayor’s Budget Cuts

( – The New York City Council is expected to approve most, if not all, of Mayor Eric Adams’ controversial budget cuts, the New York Post reported.

Adams last Thursday proposed severe budget cuts to the city’s services, including a freeze on hiring for the NYPD and closing libraries on Sunday, and warned that further cuts would be needed if the city does not receive federal help in dealing with the ongoing migrant crisis.

The proposed cuts would bring the number of NYPD officers below 30,000 for the first time in forty years. It would cut the education department’s budget by $1 billion, and delay the mayor’s composting initiative in Staten Island and the Bronx. The cuts would also impact the city’s universal pre-K program and summer school.

In June, the mayor and the city council approved the city’s $107 billion budget. However, in September, Mayor Adams ordered city departments and agencies to prepare to cut spending by at least 5 percent due to the costs of the migrant crisis.

In announcing the proposed cuts last week, the mayor said the cuts were needed to deal with the increased costs from the surge in migrants, the drop in tax revenue, and the end of federal pandemic assistance.

Adams said without Washington providing “significant and timely support” for the humanitarian crisis caused by the surge in migrants in the city, the budget cuts proposed would “only be the beginning.”

City Council Majority Leader Keith Powers told the New York Post that the council hasn’t begun deliberating on how to proceed. However, he said the city’s elected officials must call on both the federal and state governments to urgently act to help New York avoid the “drastic cuts.”

The City Council plans to hold an oversight hearing on the budget cuts after the Thanksgiving holiday, according to Finance Committee Chairman Justin Brannan.

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